Understand the causes of human behavior. In other words, we should not draw certain conclusions about people based on how they behave in a particular situation. Maybe the person is rude because he grew up without parents and has not received proper education or he has a deep wound, and can - problems. Don't take rudeness to heart and don't respond to her rudeness.
React calmly to people. To get along with people, it is not necessary to divide them into good and bad. We are all different, each with its own character and habits, your lifestyle and demeanor. Kindness is what draws people to you. If you, by force of circumstances, are forced to communicate with a person you extremely unpleasant to regard this communication as a life stage which you need to pass. You can even turn it into a game for myself. Think first about the result of this communication.
Watch out for his speech and his behavior. Often the negative reaction of the people just due to your own behavior. It is not necessary to endure negative emotions, and anger. Be careful how and what you say. Your speech should be calm, motivated. Avoid profanity and tone up in conversation. Of any conflict situation you can go without yelling and swearing. Instead of arguing, we can agree. During a conversation, look people in the eye. It's a good psychological trick when dealing with people, which has to a friend.
Learn how to find the good in people features. Good qualities of character, it is not surprising that there are people who get extremely unpleasant. If your environment is such, and thus communication with them will inevitably think about what is good in them. Look at these people through different eyes. Certainly, the qualities you irritate these people have of you in some way. Sometimes we create our own imagination in a negative way, though, in fact, it is far from reality.
Respect yourself and others. Respect is what builds the communication with people. Don't speak disrespectfully about others, but don't let the offense itself. Take criticism calmly, but do not be afraid to openly and correctly to Express what you don't like.