The first thing you need to be prepared psychologically for such a responsible conversation. Remember how your mom and dad reacted to the various shocking events - both negative and positive. Supported you? Screaming and making a scene? Did not show any particular emotion? Scroll through the possible conversation in your head, think about the answers to possible questions - so it will be easier to navigate in any event.
Pick an opportune moment. If you see that your parents have had a hard day and they are very annoyed, it is better not to aggravate the situation. Vyhodite a time when you'll all have plenty of time to calmly discuss everything. For example, for dinner or for a family dinner. The right moment is the key to success.
Consider the beginning of the conversation. The hardest part is to start, because the words are like stuck in my throat. Try this: "I need to tell you something very important. I'm pregnant". Then wait no tratarte. Let your parents digest the information.
Listen. The first reaction is difficult to predict. Even the most calm parents can start yelling and nervous - to read notation. Don't interrupt the parents, let them Express their opinion on the situation and release the vapor.
Share your feelings. It is very important to show your parents how you feel. For example: "Mom and dad, I know you're disappointed. I'm disappointed in myself. And I'm sorry to have to disappoint you". Share your anxieties and fears, for example: "I'm scared, I don't know what to do in such a situation, what will my friends think". Don't be afraid to show your emotions, even if you have to talk through tears. Should not keep it to himself, because the parents are your closest people.