The first 12 weeks are the most dangerous. During this period, the body can reject the fetus, frequent involuntary miscarriages. So do not hurry with talk, and even more with the acquisition of the inheritance baby. The fact is that if the fetus is not full, there was a mutation or other abnormalities of the female body can make the decision yourself. No matter how hard it is, but sometimes the body really visible. Think easier to get through this time by yourself or with the psychologist than to take frequent inappropriate words of support. In addition, for a long time and they ask you questions about health, even more reminding about the miscarriage. Although often the pregnancy is progressing safely, to talk about it after 12-14 weeks.

When to inform relatives

Until what time do not speak about the pregnancy to relatives and loved ones, depends on family relationships. If relations are good – feel free to throw a feast, and solemnly congratulate the parents that they'll soon be grandparents. If relations leave much to be desired – do not give out as long as possible. This is to avoid assessments, charges and other disorders that can have a negative give up on pregnancy and child health.

With whom and when to share the joy you choose. Who to tell first my mom or best friend – also your decision. To avoid offense, after the birth we can say that there were concerns regarding the pregnancy or you've decided to do everyone a pleasant surprise.

What to say to the employer

You probably already know about the attitude of the employer and staff to pregnant employees. If the discriminate against pregnant women hide as long as possible. Ideal if you are going on leave, being leave. Sometimes you can ask the therapist to write the hospital, telling about their situation. You are lucky and the boss favors pregnant – inform after 12-14 weeks. This will allow management to look for a replacement, to optimize workflow and conduct your maternity leave with a clear conscience.

Neighbors, buddies and all those with whom you are unfamiliar, it is not worth to tell about the pregnancy, find out for yourself when you see your growing belly. Pregnancy is a mystery, and if you don't want to be bothered for nothing under the guise of pious, it is better to talk about their condition as little as possible.