With rare exceptions in the team respond positively to pregnancy employees. The employer does not suffer financially, because all payments are made from various funds, but not from the pocket of the employer. Often pregnant are encouraged to use accrued vacation days, so that it was less in the workplace. It is better to inform the user as early as possible. This will allow you effortless to transfer the newly adopted employee and warn gossip at work. If you are a Manager, you should gather the team, accept congratulations and to meet the new chief.
To talk about pregnancy in 14-16 weeks, but not before. In the early stages often occur spontaneous abortions, may be necessary to terminate the pregnancy for medical reasons. It's better if knows about this narrow circle of people.
Telling the secret of one colleague, it is likely that in a few days about your interesting position will know the whole office. And it would be most unfortunate if the Manager finds out the news is not from you. Optimally, if you tell your immediate supervisor, and he to the next planning meeting will be announced to all employees by choosing the right words. Given his position in the team, congratulations can be dry and restrained, without further details and baby talk. Following this, ask the teacher to move on to business matters associated with the transfer of cases, a search of the employee to replace.
If to tell colleagues about her pregnancy you don't plan on needed a private conversation with management. You can discuss business issues without involving other members of the team. You can ask to transfer you to the free schedule of work or part of work to take home. This practice is the norm: people working together, but it does not oblige them to dwell on his personal life. Although creative teams the pregnancy of an employee may become a stimulus for a new project, created specially for her.
If pregnant you have in the team are not happy to report too, but as late as possible. Optimally ─ before going on maternity leave. This can be done both personally and in an official letter. Sick leave should be recorded in the accounting, there will solve all questions on benefits. Some go on vacation or take sick leave and then go on maternity leave. So it is possible to minimize the contact with the team.
A lack of understanding of team members who are not advised about pregnancy, you can reply that you are already Mature people and do not need additional support. If this answer seems too hard, tell me what the pregnancy proceeded with complications, and you didn't want to "jinx" it.