First of all, men love with their eyes, so well-groomed and pleasant appearance - the key to success. Take care of your body and skin do not forget about basic rules of personal hygiene, but don't overdo it! Surveys show that men don't like girls with excess makeup on the face, which is clearly stale in the Solarium. Natural beauty that really attracts.
Dress with style and taste. Even if you have impeccable figure, you have something to show, do not choose too candid and flashy outfits. Remember that the woman should be a mystery that a man wants to solve. And girls with plunging necklines and short skirts are regarded by men as a partner for one night.
Smile. A sincere smile paints of any person regardless of their gender. A smiling girl immediately has to itself. In addition, monitor your speech. Sometimes the girls are noted for their excessive volubility, which negatively affects their image. Mysteriously it is sometimes better to remain silent than to embark on a long and lengthy meditation.
Follow gait and posture. Level back and a nice gait attracts admiring glances. Remember how to walk the catwalk models? Girl with a beautiful posture seems much taller and slimmer than her slouching friend.
And finally, be yourself! Be open to new friendships, to communicate. The girl who literally radiates with a confidence never left alone. Know your positive qualities and emphasize them, and the shortcomings can be silent!