You will need
  • Account mail Gmail service.
Log in to your account, click on the following link and enter the username and password.
Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the "Accounts and import". Then go to the section "Send mail as" and click on the link "Add another email address".
In the new pop up window, enter the name and surname, to which was added e-mail as well as email address. Click on the "Next step."
Then the screen will prompt you on how to make the sending of letters when using this address — using the Gmail or mail interface from QIP. It is desirable to specify Gmail, fewer settings, hence less time will be spent. Click on the "Next action".
In the next window, you notice that after you click "Send confirmation" you will need to check your e-mail to Gmail was convinced of the real existence of the email address. Click in the new tab go to your Inbox.
View your unread emails and open the email titled "Gmail Confirmation". Click the link to confirm the existence of this email address, or copy the code.
If you copied the code, paste it in the empty field of the window "Add other..." and click "Check". After some time this window will automatically close and under "Send mail as" will be a new e-mail.
Now similarly described it is necessary to add a new address block "to Collect mail from other accounts". To do this, click on the link "Add a POP3 mail account you own".
In the new pop-up window, enter the email address. Click on the "Next action". In the next window you must enter a password and activate the option "Always use secure connection" and "label incoming emails". Then click "Add account". After some time this window will close automatically and the "Collect mail from other accounts" will be a new e-mail.