You will need
  • Computer;
  • printer;
  • - preprogramming.
The principle of operation of the chipand is pretty simple. It reads information on the number of printed pages. When their number is equal to the maximum index, which is recorded in the memory chipand it starts to alert, you need to replace the cartridge. And in this case, the cartridge may remain paint. Even if it is really empty, then after refueling the ability to print will be blocked. Accordingly, in order to again print the pages, you just need this chip to reset.
The first thing you need to buy preprogramming, that is, the device with which you will be able to nullify the chip of cartridge. Of course, this is an additional cost. But it is better to buy it than to buy new cartridges. Just a couple of refills, and the device will be repaid with interest. Better to buy one that is right for your model. If you failed to find one, which is unlikely, it is possible to buy a universal preprogramming.
After purchase be sure to read the instructions. There will be detailed guidance on the operation of the device. Before you reset the chipand refill the cartridge. Although for each model of printer has its own characteristics reset, but in principle this process on all models are similar.
So, to reset the chip cartridge, preprogramming must close to chip. On the device should light a special indicator, this suggests that the contact between the device and the print cartridge is installed. When the contact appears, you should hold the device in this position for about 5-7 seconds. The indicator light should change original color to another. Replacement color indicator suggests that the chip was successfully reset. Then insert the cartridge into the printer and try it out. For this print page. If all goes well, then the chip is successfully reset to zero.