You will need
  • printer;
  • cartridge with color ink;
  • paper.
Control the choice of values of the print color in the "Color" and "Paper/quality". Depending on the software that you use, there may be some differences in the names of the tabs, attributes and buttons in the dialog box "Properties".
Alternately, open the tab "Color" and "Paper/quality" dialog box "Properties". Read all the printing options available within the specific printer. Various hardware manufacturers are developing its capabilities color printing. But in General, selection methods of working with colored ink are the same.
Decide for what purpose you need color printing, select the appropriate in this case, the printer settings on the tabs.
The "best" or "High" quality when you choose to print high-quality images. To convey the original colors when printing digital photos, please note on the parameter "Area of color". With this option, the colored inks are mixed to produce a specific color.
If you have no need to obtain very high-quality color image, choose the appropriate print quality. To him include: "draft", "fast" or "normal" (other options are possible titles: "draft printing", "saving print", "normal printing"). It also greatly reduces color ink consumption.
In some printers there is an option to "Backup print mode" when using one cartridge. If the black ink runs out or is missing, install the seal with the tri-color cartridge. In this case, the color will be sent as usual, but black will be greyish.
For printing inks with the best quality, click the tab "Paper/quality" and the parameter "Type" select the appropriate paper that will allow you to obtain the best print results.