You will need
  • - acrylic or stained glass paint;
  • - soft brush with a fine tip;
  • - special loop for ceramics;
  • - stencils for printing;
  • - soft sponge to remove excess paint and paint application;
  • - ceramic tableware (plates, cups, bowls);
  • - masking tape.
For painting take a white ceramic ware or glass. Consider the pattern in advance, you can even pre-draw it on paper.
Before operation, wash the dishes and degrease it with acetone. Now apply a circuit pattern, and leave it to dry for 2-3 hours. If you have drawing skills and you are confident to hold the brush, you can not use the outline or stencil.
When the outline has dried completely, start filling it with paints. When finished, leave the dishes in the horizontal position for complete drying.
Acrylic paint fully dry for 24 hours, stained for 6 hours. The dishes, hand-painted, can be further thermally processed to consolidate the paint on the surface of the cookware. Put in cold oven and preheat it to about 150 to 180°C. Dish, painted with acrylic paints, let stand in oven for 15 minutes. For fixing of stained glass paint will be 40 minutes. Then the oven needs to be switched off and give the dishes yourself in it to cool down.
Paint can and wooden utensils. Preliminarily it needs to handle fine-grained sandpaper. Drawing use pencil, then trace over with gouache or acrylic paints. After complete drying of the drawing for an additional protection cover the dishes varnish.
To paint a broad plate by using a stencil. As a stencil, use the lace or braid. Prepare the plate for work: degrease the surface and limit the masking tape working surface below the paint got on the white part of the plate.
The work surface cover with 2-3 layers of white paint. The first two layers have to dry well, on the third layer, without waiting for complete drying, attach lace or ribbon.
Lace additionally fasten with tape so it does not move during operation. Enter the paint the desired color onto the sponge and gently and evenly apply a pattern through a stencil on a plate.
When finished, remove the stencil and peel off the tape, and stencil need to be removed immediately, otherwise it will stick to the plate. The paint is secure in the oven, if required by the instruction. For the final drying will take about a week.