You will need
  • - tidy flat;
  • - a little bit of imagination to come up with an original way to invite to the evening;
  • - prepared food, snacks, fruit;
  • - alcoholic beverages (wine or champagne).
First, choose a time and place to spend the evening. It is desirable that the next day you both need to be up early for work or school, so it is better to arrange the evening on Friday or Saturday. Don't forget that men and women have different ideas about a romantic nighti.e. If women this evening should be held in an unusual place and with exotic dishes, the man will prefer away from home not to go. A great solution is to arrange a romantic adventure for two in your home.
The next step will arrange the apartment. But I don't need rose petals or balloons. Just create a cosiness in your house that the man was glad that he got such happiness as you. Of course, everything should be clean.
Consider the menu tonight. It should not be just a snack because they need to feed their fill of your choice. Cook his favorite dish. An unusual way of serving this dish will add to your relationship a spark. Just don't try too feed it if you want to extend the evening.
Further dislocates smoothly into the bedroom, where you can pre-arrange snacks, fruits and wine. Make a lovely gift – easy erotic dance, or create an entertaining game of a sexual nature, for example on the strip. In any case, the man will be hope on a stormy night. This evening should be remembered by both of you.