Find a formal job in Goa. In this case, the employer himself is negotiating with the authorities to grant you a work visa and solve the issues with housing and relocation. Some fans of Goa's work guides local travel agencies or administrators in restaurants. But India, a large percentage of unemployment. You need to be really indispensable professional that you chose the Hindu.
Make a business visa to India. It is usually for six months and then extended on the spot. However to obtain such visas will need to develop a detailed business plan and find a respected local person who will happily vouch for you. While staying in Goa on a business visa will have to do to run a business, pay taxes and provide jobs to local residents. Otherwise, the visa is void.
Conclude a marriage with a local resident of Goa. Don't forget to make sure before marriage that your partner is a citizen of India. After the registration of marriage you can get a visa for a period up to 20 years. Then this visa could be extended for the same period. The girls in this way are much easier than men. Indian women very rarely marry a representative of another nationality and religion.
Make a tourist visa for as long a period. After the time go to another country, then again do visa and come to India. And so a few times. You need to consider that in 2010 the Russians to get a visa more than 2 months is almost impossible. To re-enter the country no earlier than two months after the previous visa.
Buy from a travel Agency two-week tour in Goa. As soon as you get there, tear your passport and stay to live an illegal. Despite the absurdity of such an idea, on the beaches of Goa you can find a lot of people who moved there this way.