You will need
  • - social or a work visa.
To enter the country on a visa VOA, which gives the right to stay in the country during the month. To obtain this visa necessarily a return ticket. Relocating for a longer period a person is interested in a longer visa.
The social card gives the right to stay in the country for 50 days, after which you can extend the period of stay up to six months. Then, you can settle for a scheme of extending a Visa Run.
Work and business visas are issued for one year, with a possible extension. For receiving you will need to collect a lot of documents, because the local government strictly enforce the visa regime.
The acquisition of real estate does not give the right to reside permanently in the territory of Indonesia. Homeowners can stay in the country during the year, after which the permission would have to renew.
House rental in Bali is a quite cheap pleasure. Only 5-6 thousand dollars a year to rent a house by the sea. You can always find the best bargains, it is enough not to hurry with the choice, and to be occupied for the first time in a hotel and look around, and then choose the suitable area for themselves.
Please note that Bali expensive medicine, so choose an insurance company that does not require payment on the spot. For serious issues it is best to fly to Australia, where medicine is at a high level. It should be noted that in Bali a large number of cases of various "exotic" diseases that the civilized world has long been won.
Please note that Indonesia is one of the most seismically dangerous countries in the world. Annually, about 3-4 thousand aftershocks. Also remember that Christian girls are often given forcibly married to Muslims because it is the world's largest Muslim country and still kill Christian Indonesians.