You will need
  • - receipt of payment for a radio receiving station;
  • - the form of the disclaimer.
  • - copy of passport or certificate of ownership;
  • - certificate about absence of debts;
  • - money to pay for the failure.
Review your receipts for utilities. In different cities consumers pay for radiopoint to various organizations. In Moscow, it is a broadcasting network in the smaller towns most often this function is performed by branches of "Rostelecom". The payment can go through management companies, HOAs and other organizations. Find out who is the provider of this service in your community.
Make a photocopy of your passport, including page with registration. If you are not registered in this apartment, copy of the certificate of ownership. In "the Moscow broadcasting network" these documents are necessary, in the branches of JSC "Rostelecom" they may not require.
Pay all the debts of the radiopoint. Do not expect that you can turn off the radiodot for non-payment. Of course, you can go to the conflict, neatly crossing out that line from receipts. But for unformed rejection will have to pay the vendor, such as a management company. In the end we have to sue. Because your actions become detrimental to the organization, not the fact that you win the process.
Pay the ticket off. This is best done through Sberbank. The details are there. If you are going to pay through another Bank, locate the desired data on the website broadcasting network.
Upon receipt of the application, you must set the date and time of arrival of the master. He will perform the necessary work and issue you with the relevant document about the absence of the loudspeaker. If you pay via a broadcasting network or a branch of Rostelecom, it is no more action you take not need. If the receipts came from the management company or other utilities, you need to notify.