Our grandmothers still remember the time when they were married parents, and the groom was determined in advance. Today, to get married, and just to find a life partner is quite difficult. It all starts with Dating, but how to organize it? Now they say that doesn't matter? who is the initiator of a long-awaited meeting. However, the master of flirting explained: the women's art to attract attention creates in man the desire to take the first step and get acquainted. In this case there are three phases: preparation, definition of the required approach action.
1. Well-groomed woman always attracts men. A manicure, pedicure, watch the hair, do light makeup (pretentiousness causes a false attitude). All emphasize its advantages.
2. Tidy closet. Sexual attraction is not a deep cut, and mystery and desire to reveal all the secrets. So forget about ultra-short skirts, tops, flashy colors.
3. Practise at home in front of a mirror described below are all ways to attract men. So you will feel confident and will notice the shortcomings which can be addressed in advance.
The determination of the necessary approach:
There are three types of dominant perception (visual, auditory, and sensual. On men it can be seen brighter. So inside you already know what partners seek not only physical, but also spiritual qualities. Scroll to the right man and determine what type it belongs to.
Visual always looks good, dressed to the nines, notices external harmony, looks around, often pedantic. Auditory is listening to music, sounds, a lot of talking, constantly seeking new information, very agile. Kinestetik loves is tasty to eat, dress in comfortable clothes, even if they zanolini to the holes, it acutely feels the mood of the people.
For each type you can pick up ways to attract your Arsenal. Nice appearance, elegant attire, the finished image will win the visual. To this you first need to get into the field of view, only then to get closer. Let him notice your posture, confident gait an easy, enticing hand gestures. Start a conversation, using the verbs: to look, to see, to look.
The auditory attracts chest voice, pleasant communication, interesting sounds. Say: "have You heard who's coming today?". Be prepared to keep the conversation going.
Kinesthetic need to touch. Gently brush your hands, swipe the arm, remove the string, treat dessert. Don't forget to smile, even comes from you unusual scent of pheromones mixed with light spirits.
Having described the manipulation corresponding to each type, you will definitely attract the attention of men.