An excellent option for fitness will be high running shoesthat provide adequate fixation of ankle. Can meet and average height, and low options, but allows you to protect the ankle from injury. The sole should be thin and flexible as not to burden the shoes. Choose shoes with air cushions in bed.
If you have problem feet (e.g. flat feet), you need shoes with arch support. For those who have no problems with the feet can take running shoes with no arch support to the arch of the foot worked myself. Good sneakerswhose sole is divided into two parts – heel and the rest. This Shoe captures the good foot, easy to bend, and the heel allows you to make various movements, for example, spinning.
Note the upper edge of the heel – it should be stitched on two tracks. Look also at the sole pattern, it needs to be small, and on the fore part of the sole must be a circle. This is perfect shoes for fitness, where it is not uncommon exercises with rotation around its axis.
Do not buy sneakersthat are designed for people of the opposite sex, it can hurt your feet. Men's and women's foot are different from each other, and sneakers for fitness are generated based on the anatomy.
Go for sneakers in the evening. Leg by the end of the day usually swells, and if you choose running shoes for fitness in the evening, you can avoid buying shoes that day you will be cramped. Do not buy shoesin which the big toe rests on the toe, leaving no free space. For fitness, you will quickly get tired in such tight shoes.
It is better to choose a lace-up not of the classical type, and loop – less so the likelihood that you drag a leg, thus preventing normal circulation.