You will need
  • - learn to cope with the illness;
  • - to go to the doctor;
  • undergo the therapy.
If you are a victim of panic attack, keep in mind that this disease is not dangerous or can cause harm to your health. However, it is impossible, as it can lead to a significant reduction of quality of life.
First thing, get yourself together and let out your breath. At the time of panic attacks is the feeling of lack of air. In fact, a person takes deep breaths, and the body is oversaturated with oxygen. And this, in turn, is accompanied by increased anxiety and a feeling of suffocation. Start to breathe correctly. The breathing should be relaxed and uniform. On "two" make an entrance, at the expense of "four". Master the technique of diaphragmatic breathing.
Switch your focus. Start to sing to myself some song or count from 1 to 100. Imagine that you are lying on the shore of a sea or ocean and listen to the sound of the surf.
The rule is to wear a thin rubber band. Feeling a panic attack approaching, put it on your wrist, pull and let go so that she got snapped on the skin.
If possible, hold the palm of your hand in a jet of cold water for 2-3 minutes, then rinse your face and neck. If you are at home, take a contrast shower.
Have on hand a sedative herb. Melissa tea perfectly relaxes and calms the nervous system, lime infusion copes with panic attacks. In a glass of tea, add a spoon of honey.
Learn to relax. Learn one of the relaxation techniques. If you learn to release muscle tension, you will easily be able to reduce the level of anxiety and fear. Remember that relaxation and fear are opposites, so the muscles to relax during a panic attack can help get rid of stress, anxiety and other negative feelings and to eliminate the attack.
If you feel unable to cope with the disease, contact the specialist. To get rid of panic attacks and to achieve maximum results by using the well-matched therapy. It includes medical treatment (in the beginning) and psychotherapy. If without pills can not do, drink a course of special drugs and go through psychotherapy. Panic attacks are treatable, and the sooner you start treatment the faster you will feel a positive result.