Decide what payment terminal you want to make the necessary amount. There are several types of services that will charge you additional interest for the use of their services. For example, payment terminals credit Bank of Moscow, as well as companies "rib" and "Capital" will not charge you a cent for the replenishment of Yandex-purse. In other terminals the cost of services can vary from 1 to 10% of the amount transferred, on average it is 2-3%. More accurate information you will be able to receive immediately before the payment, read the terms and conditions specified in the electronic menu of a selected device.
Locate the terminal that is closest to your place of residence or work. To do this, go to the site Yandex.Money, click in the upper right corner of the city where you are now and go to the section about how to Deposit. You will be able to find a map of your city marked on it with payment terminals that accept payments on Yandex-wallets.
Come to one of the terminals with the number of the purse you want to buy. Please note that once you can make no more than 15,000 rubles. Select the terminal menu item "Yandex.Money" and enter the number of the purse where you want to send the right amount. Insert bills into the bill acceptor. It is desirable that among the banknotes was not torn or creased. At the end of the payment process, click on the "Send"button.
After making the payment, save the printed receipt. It will be useful to you if the payment for any reason will not come. Period of Deposit can vary depending on the terminal. However, if the money does not come after two business days, is reason enough to call the company that owns the terminal, to address your question.