The rule is to record all expensesthat you make. If hope memory is not enough, because petty cash is so much that at the end of the day we have all do not remember, begin to save all receipts from any purchases tickets from travel to transport, receipts for utility payments. Put them in one folder and every few days empty it, rewriting the amounts from receipts in the General table.
Razlikuje table of your spending, allocating it a separate line under each article of expenses. At the bottom of the sheet leave free space, which if necessary, add additional rows. Decide the period of the report and fill in this table for each such period.
Period of report could be a week, two weeks or a month. May be easier for you to tie up to the dates of payment of wages, and, maybe, on the contrary, you will consider costs and plan them for weeks. At the end of each period calculate the cost for each row and output their total amount.
Now, when you have accumulated a certain amount of information about the expenses of your family budget, you have the opportunity to engage in more detailed planning of household expenses. See what expenses you can reduce from what you can give up and what to save does not work. In most cases, when people begin deliberately to count the cost and plan your spending, they have the opportunity not only to reduce the monetary level of their own consumption, while maintaining its quality, but put off savings on a major purchase. It is well known that the money saved is money earned.