If a woman does not want to pay the debts of his men, it is necessary to think in advance about your financial well being. Before the wedding make the marriage contract with her husband, which clearly prescribe the conditions and the distribution of cash income and expenditure in your family. This document will help in case of dispute, to defend their case and refuse to unplanned expenditure for the foreign debt.
If the husband is guilty in any administrative or criminal violation, the penalty should be confiscation of property, the wife still have a chance to give their stuff as payment for the debts of men. According to article 45 of the Family code of the Russian Federation, the penalty is imposed only on property of the debtor. The only exception is: if the repayment of the Respondent's assets is not enough, the plaintiffs can request to allocate a portion of the shares owned by the entire family as a whole, which have got to the debtor in the division of property in case of divorce. The remaining part of the debt, the law allows the wife to pay debt husband.
It happens that the spouse is registered at an address other than the address register and his wife, and the tenants of the apartment do not pay utility bills. Debts are growing, they are divided by the number of all registered persons in this housing, and then send your husband a writ of execution demanding payment of the debt. Such a situation does not recur, do not have to allocate funds from the family budget to pay foreign debts, the man should check out with distressed housing.
If a man took the credit and then either pay it, or even disappeared, the wife was also not obliged to pay his debt to the credit institution. However, this works only if it can prove that he did not know that her husband borrowed from the Bank, or that he spent it alone and only for their own needs. As evidence suitable evidence, the absence of a clearly large amount of new things, items of furniture, equipment, etc.
Pretty common when the death of a husband to his wife inherited not only wealth, but also its debts. Not to pay the debt for man is possible only in case, if you reject the inheritance.