You will need
  • Roulette, calculator.
Calculation of squaring the floor. To properly calculate the square footage of the floor, you first need roulette. Attach the beginning of the roulette to the left corner of a long wall and measure its length. Write down on paper the result. Then measure the length of the shorter wall and write down the result on paper. To calculate the square footage of the floor, you need to multiply the length of both walls. Poluchennyi the result will display the number of square meters on the floor.
If the room has angles, we proceed as follows. Measure the two longest walls in the room and multiply the obtained numbers, writing their work on paper. Measure the length of each of the two walls forming the corner. Also, multiply the obtained value and note the product of the multipliers on the paper. In the end you'll have two values – the total area of floor without angle (the highest value) and the area of the floor the angle (smallest value). Of the largest value subtract the smallest value. The resulting figure will show the exact square of the floor.
Buying in the future building material for the decoration of floor, we recommend that you take it with a stock (plus 1-2 square meters). The stock will allow you to replace the damaged material in the process of registering the floor.