Special attention should be paid to the calculation of the amount of paintto cover a wall or any other surface in your apartment. This is because the cost of most types of paints quite large. And calculate the required amount of paint, you can save some money.
If you want to calculate the amount of paint, buy it, pay attention to the flow of the paint, which is usually indicated on the can. Remember that you have seen the figure relates to the application of paint in one layer. If the paint is applied in two layers (this is necessary in most cases), then this number must be divided by two. Before you learn the quantity of the paint, calculate the area of the painted surface. The easiest way in this situation with the calculation of wall area.
Take a calculator, a pen, a sheet of paper and using the formula for calculating the area of a rectangle find the area of each wall. Then put all the numbers and the resulting value will indicate the number of square metres you need to paint. According to many experts on the average color of one square meter of surface it is necessary from 200 to 250 grams of paint. If you want to know the amount of paint more accurately, multiply the quantity of paint at its expense.
At the moment you can buy paint of any type can in nearly every building supermarket. When choosing paint , consider the type of surface that you will need to paint. If you are unsure what kind of paint to choose, ask for help to the sellers store. They will help you to choose the type of paintthat you will be optimal. The most popular are oil, enamel and acrylic paint. About the most effective applications of each of these types of colors can be read on the label of the cans into which it is poured. Quality of paint is determined by how long it will retain the brightness and freshness from the moment inpaint.