Run the application. In the appropriate fields, enter your username and password. The program will then connect to the server for your login. The characteristic sound notifies you that you are connected and logged on to the network. You can now start writing messages.
Select from the list of contacts of the user with whom you are going to communicate. Click right mouse button and click "Start chat". The mouse cursor will move to the corresponding field in another part of the program window. In this field you can enter a message to send to the user.
Also, the selected user can click with the left mouse button, and then on the right side of the program window will open information about that user. Then move your mouse in the box to send messages. It is located in the lower part of the window with information about the user. Identify it by the inscription "Enter here the text message".
Enter the desired message text in this field. To send, press the Enter key, or icon in a blue circle with a quote on the right side of the field to enter text. Your message is then sent to the user.
If your contacts of the user for whom you want to send a message, please search. Select in the menu "Contacts" – "Add new contact" or click "Add contact" at the bottom of the contact list. This will open a window where you can search.
Enter in the appropriate fields of the available information about the user you want to add. It can be email address, mobile phone, name, Skype name. If there are multiple users with the entered data, you can view all and choose the one you want.
After that, click "Add". The selected user appears in the list of your contacts.