You will need
  • - material "Vibroplast";
  • - wooden shelf;
  • - sharp scissors;
  • marker;
  • roulette.
To remove unpleasant noises in the cabin of the car, first remove the liftgate cover which is fixed with the bolts. The fact that "Lada Priore" were most often the first noise starts to appear in the trunk and from the coils of seat belts. In addition, makes itself felt and plastic shelf, rattling when the car come on to the bumps.
Next, using a tape measure, measure the size of the door from the inside. Writing settings on a piece of paper, lay special material "Vibroplast", used for sound insulation in cars. Marker on the material, draw a figure corresponding to the shot size and cut it.
Then glue the inner part of the door is carved "Vibroplast". In order to produce the insulation, glue the door in two layers, with all the details relating to castle Express free.
After sizing, remove the upper side cover door and tighten up thoroughly the details of the reel seat belt. If the coil comes from a very strong noise, the belts should be replaced. The grease or oil to eliminate this noise is simply not acceptable. We are talking about your safety on the road.
Plastic shelf replace wood. You can make yourself. If there is time and desire, buy it in the store. In the case when you are sure that you will be able to shumoizolyatory your car, contact any service station where skilled craftsmen will do the job quickly and efficiently.