Sometimes people just can't "digest" their negative emotions: stress, anxiety, resentment, bad mood, boredom, etc. Food calms him, distracts from bad moods, pleasure. If you are lacking something in real life, food is easy will be for you a means of filling the void. Don't be fooled, because she will not be able to give you a sense of security or to replace the joy of family life, socializing with friends, etc. to defeat the habit to eat a lot and get ready to work seriously on ourselves. When false appetite will have nothing to mask, it will disappear.
When will gather once again to "seize" a depression, try to realize that your craving for food is just a way to improve your mood with food. The effect of the eaten cupcake fleeting, the extra pounds can put you into an even deeper depression.
Food, especially sweet, helps to make up for lack of experience, boost mood and overcome the boredom. Discipline yourself to ensure that the appearance of a false appetite is sure to entertain. For example, instead of additional dinner, read a magazine, view an interesting film or solve a crossword puzzle. You will notice that the more you will be passionate about some thing, the less will be thinking about food.
Urgently go for a walk if you feel the hunger pangs to blame stress. It will calm your nerves and distract you from the fridge. While physical activity decreases stress-induced adrenaline, and begins to produce good hormones – endorphins.
Some people even trifling grievances can also cause overeating. If this sounds like you, ask one of your girlfriends or friends that listened to you for at least 10-15 minutes. Once you have an overwhelming desire to "seize" insult, call him and tell details about your problem. After "home psychotherapy" session pull to the refrigerator will disappear.
And another tip. Try not to keep the house products that are easy to eat: cookies, cakes, candy, sausage and other Goodies. After work, buying food for dinner, take as much as is required to prepare a single serving (even if dining alone). Of course, if you have a family, live by this rule are unlikely to succeed. But, while you are one, avoid the temptation to snack before bedtime, let it in your fridge after dinner is one only "hang mouse".