Unpleasant moments can distract from the main things. Set yourself a goal, not necessarily for life, this may be the plan for the day or for the week. Follow the plan, do not throw begun due to small obstacles, just make small adjustments to your schedule and continue to the goal.
Try to see positive moments in everyday things. For example, if you missed the bus, don't get mad and don't stand at the bus stop waiting for the next, walk a little on foot. Walk in the fresh air will improve your mood. Don't pay attention to pesky little things, learn to benefit from them. In a cafe over your favorite cakes? This is an opportunity to try something new and expand your gastronomic cravings. Fell through an important meeting? Spend the evening with friends or have a fancy family dinner. Spontaneous events are usually the most successful.
Most often people out of balance unpleasant household trivia and habits of the people you love. Your spouse have minor flaw that annoys you? Unlikely for life not to draw attention to it. Resort to trickery in the form of a compromise. Favorite person around the apartment throwing her things? Forgive him this little thing in exchange for the performance of your unloved household duties. For example, you fold the clothes, and the husband washes the dishes. In addition, the domestic trivia of my life with a vengeance kompensiruet advantages of favorite people.