You will need
  • - the water reservoir;
  • - the mixer (nozzle on the drill);
  • - an electric drill;
  • - the trowel.
Take the dry mix "Rotband". In the trade network it is sold in bags of 30 kg. For this quantity, prepare 18 liters of water. Plaster "Rotband" used in the decoration of surfaces inside of buildings. Thanks to its good characteristics, it is easy to work with, dries fairly quickly, has a lower mass when compared with cement mixtures. After correct application of "Rotband" on the wall or ceiling surface is even and smooth. This gives you the opportunity to save on the filling.
Take to prepare the solution plastic container. Pour into it 4-7 trowels of the mix "Rotband", add water and mix thoroughly manually or with a mixer building. Tools and containers must be clean. Otherwise, the dirt will greatly reduce the curing time of the mixture before it is used.
Add the solution of the remaining dry plaster and water, mix again with a mixer (attachment for a drill), until there is no lumps. Get a homogeneous solution,"Rotband". If lumps remain, they will quickly absorb water, leading to accelerated hardening of the plaster mixture. It will be hard and unsuitable for further use. The resulting solution was let sit for a few minutes then stir it again. While mixing add need only plaster or water. No other components in the solution to mix is impossible. Do not add plaster or water in the already prepared mixture when applied on the wall. Solution use within 20-25 minutes after cooking.
Observe safety precautions when working with a mixture of plaster "Rotband". To do this, use protective eyewear and gloves. Be careful when working with the drill, Hairdryer and the technical cutting tools. When you remove from the walls of old plaster take care of your feet, hold a special secure shoes.