You will need
  • - Bulgarian;
  • - drill;
  • - milling
  • vise;
  • - the range;
  • - round needle file.
To start removing the driveshaft to make it easier to work on replacing the d-pad. Take a grinder and use it to cut the two ends of the crosspiece, which is pressed into the driveshaft. Then carefully knock them in. Carefully look into the hole, which is designed for bearings, there you will see that they were fixed using a method very similar to punching.
For successful carrying out further work to prepare a drill and a milling cutter of small diameter (3-5 mm). After that clamp in a vise flange, which has the remaining straight segment of a cross. With the help of a drill or cutter carefully cut the traces marking drilling position with one hand. Be careful not to damage the bore diameter, but the bearing races special attention is not necessary.
From the opposite side, emboss the straight portion is the last that remains of the cross. Put on her cage that survived. Then grab a measuring tool (a ruler or caliper), measure the length and go to the store to buy a new item. Also buy kerno and a set of needle files.
Using the round needle file, remove the flange and the cardan all "points of acarnania". After this "push" clips to the opposite mounting holes to equal depth. Ensure that the operation was done as accurately and carefully, because it affects the life of the new parts.
Ruskinite clips, to do this, first make two points in each of the holes of the gimbal and flange. Be careful that it's done is strictly between you and the factory outlets. Then install the cardan shaft and check it in action. Periodically check propeller shaft after repair and, in the case of defects, immediately eliminate them.