The baby who has not yet reached the age of three, wearing "kangaroo" is recommended only in a horizontal position. Therefore, parents should think about how to buy a backpack, providing the option of wearing baby.
Since the age of three, when baby can already hold his head independently, you can wear it in a normal, vertical position. However, some models "kangaroo" are wearing them kids have reached the age of six months.
A prerequisite for the selection of children's "kangaroo"is a hard back. Kid needs to sit in a kangaroo so it was in a backpack in a reclining position, as if slightly leaning back. This is especially important for a toddler, not yet able to sit.
Wearing baby in the "kangaroo" better to face him. In this position, leaning back ago, it creates a counterweight to carrying his person.
Wearing baby in the "kangaroo" is desirable so that his legs were widely separated in different directions. Such a position is an excellent prevention of hip dysplasia.
It is not recommended to carry baby in a backpack for a long time. There are a couple of reasons. First, in the same forced non-physiological position for a long time a young child can be impossible. Secondly, being a long time in the "kangaroo"the baby is not able to move actively. In addition, it creates a big load on his fragile, not yet fully formed spine.
It is not recommended to wear in the "kangaroo" child with low muscle tone. By the way, adults who suffer from osteoarthritis, it is also better to stop using the backpack to carry a small childas it gives them a considerable load on the spine.