Let's weigh all the “pros” and ”cons”. In the kangaroo legs of the baby hang out and not fully protected, but in sling hip baby fixed and the leg is visible only from the knees – it says that the sling is more reliable than the kangaroo.

Another advantage of the sling is that the weight of the baby in the sling is distributed evenly throughout the body and widespread breeding legs is the prevention of various diseases of the spine and joints, but in the kangaroo baby's weight is distributed on the lower spine, which is not very useful for a child.

Also, buying a kangaroo, you should pay attention to the fact that the kid was recorded, pressed firmly against my mother's chest and not hanging out with each movement, otherwise the spine gets an extra load and this may lead to undesirable consequences for health.

Obligatory condition of use of the sling is the ability to correctly and conveniently placed in this child. Unlike the kangaroo, which has a fixed and rigid form, the sling must be able to use, so in order to avoid errors, you must either read helpful articles and video tutorials, or visit advice and practice with a specialist to learn all the tricks of the use of the sling.