Advice 1: What is the best slings or kangaroo?

A young mother will need help with transportation for the child. Since the stroller is quite cumbersome and inconvenient, are now very popular accessories such as slings and kangaroo. But many mothers are wondering what is better to choose a sling or a kangaroo? What will be the baby? And how it will be convenient to the mother?
What is the best slings or kangaroo?

Let's weigh all the “pros” and ”cons”. In the kangaroo legs of the baby hang out and not fully protected, but in sling hip baby fixed and the leg is visible only from the knees – it says that the sling is more reliable than the kangaroo.

Another advantage of the sling is that the weight of the baby in the sling is distributed evenly throughout the body and widespread breeding legs is the prevention of various diseases of the spine and joints, but in the kangaroo baby's weight is distributed on the lower spine, which is not very useful for a child.

Also, buying a kangaroo, you should pay attention to the fact that the kid was recorded, pressed firmly against my mother's chest and not hanging out with each movement, otherwise the spine gets an extra load and this may lead to undesirable consequences for health.

Obligatory condition of use of the sling is the ability to correctly and conveniently placed in this child. Unlike the kangaroo, which has a fixed and rigid form, the sling must be able to use, so in order to avoid errors, you must either read helpful articles and video tutorials, or visit advice and practice with a specialist to learn all the tricks of the use of the sling.

Advice 2: How to choose a kangaroo

If earlier for walking with children, all the parents used an ordinary stroller, but today every family there are alternatives – many young mothers use slings and baby carriers-carrierthat allows baby to be closer to her mother and to feel more comfortable than in a wheelchair. However, to kangaroos should be treated seriously – the correct choice depends not only comfort baby, but also your own comfort. Kangaroo proper design will allow you to get rid of the weight of heavy carriages, which no longer need to carry from floor to floor and will not feel the great weight of the child, which will always be with you wherever you go. How to choose the right model of a kangaroo among the many offered shops.
How to choose a kangaroo
When choosing, pay attention to the weight of the child – different kangaroo is designed for a different weight. Usually kangaroo bear the weight of a child up to 10 kg. Some models allow you to carry kids from birth, putting them horizontally rather than vertically in these models have to be insurance for the child, to prevent it from turning upside down.
For a child two or three months, the kangaroo must be equipped with side clamps that can pull the baby closer to the mother's breast, as in this age, the child is not yet able to sit independently. In the sitting position of the child can be placed in kangaroo only after he learns to confidently sit.
After six months, the child will approach the kangaroo, in which the child sits facing the mother, or is her back or on her hip. The kangaroo should be thick headrest, that will hold the child's head and would not cause him discomfort.
Choosing kangaroo, notice the width of his belt. The straps should not be seven inches, and it also needs to be soft padding and adjustable length. Make sure to adjust the kangaroo you can, even in worn condition. All straps and fastening kangaroo should be simple and easy to put on didn't take you long time.
Kangaroo straps should cross on the back is properly distribute the load. Kangaroo will be easier to carry if in addition to the dorsal straps will be fitted to the waist belt with clasp at waist.
Check for loose fasteners – they must be robust, and should give preference to snaps and hooks, not buttons and Velcro. Back kangaroo should not be attached to the underarm and to the shoulder straps.
Please note the width of the seat – it must be at least 16 to 20 cm and have soft cushions on the edges. Detachable seat will allow you to shift the sleeping baby in the crib or stroller without disturbing him.
Depending on the season in which you plan to use a kangaroo, pick the backpacks made of different materials. For the summer months, you can choose the carrier with breathable inserts made from natural fabrics, and winter models of backpacks should be insulated with fleece or other warm material.
To prevent continuous pollution of the kangaroo, use the bib. In case of bad weather, to the kangaroo, you can attach the removable canopy or cover that protects the baby from rain.
To reduce the load on the spine of the baby kangaroo should have soft cushions that support the child under the arms.
The backpack needs to be sewn so that it can be easily and quickly washed.
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