You will need
  • - AC charger;
  • - power source.
Make sure that your Bluetoothheadset need to charge for this, pay attention to indicators. In many devices for determining battery charge level using three colors – green, yellow and red, but there are others, it all depends on the manufacturer. For example, Nokia uses only two colors – green and red; the first to identify the full charge of the device, and the second to indicate a lack of energy to continue operation of the device.
Connect your headset to a power source, use the special charger that goes with it are usually included. If it is absent for any reason, purchase a new. You can also try to use the charger of your phone, but in this case, the best option would be to not only match the connector size, but also the name of the manufacturer. For example, produced at the moment, the Nokia phones have a thin connector for connecting the cable szu, which suitable for almost all Bluetooth headsets this manufacturer, at least, modern. The Apple wall charger is also suitable for headsets by default.
If you have a car, purchase a special charger for the phone and the headset, which will charge them from the battery, thus helping you to stay connected even away from your home or office.
In order to understand what the headset runs out of power, pay attention not only on indicators but also on the quality and overall audibility of the subscriber. Despite the fact that talking about the safe use of wireless devices, try to reduce the mobile calls to a minimum. While driving, always use hands-free in order to avoid the creation of an emergency on the road.