Advice 1: How to enter into a contract with a water utility

The conclusion of the contract with the water utility necessary for each consumer in order to ensure and protect their right to quality provision of utilities and clear delineation of responsibilities and powers in relations with this structure. Scheme contracts with a water utility are different, it makes sense to consider the basic.
How to enter into a contract with a water utility
If in the case of legal persons, everything is quite transparent and understandable – is a standard contract for the provision of services, where the consumer is an organization, and as a provider of the utility, when it comes to housing, the situation becomes more complicated.There are three basic schemes which concludes the contract with Vodokanal representatives housing: direct contract (supplier – utility, consumer – direct owner and user of the services), a contract through housing organization (supplier –utility, consumer – housing organization, which in turn will interact with the end user – the owner of the property), a contract through a management company (the vendor – utility, user – management company, which in turn prepares the agreement with the homeowners).
The majority of the contracts is as follows: in the presence of an apartment building, HOA, other shapes of the housing and operational organization, management company – the contract with the Vodokanal concludes the broker. This form is really convenient, mostly for a water Utility. Of course, much depends on the HOA or management company, if they are working efficiently, then the best option for the owner to sign a contract with the mediator and he delegate all interaction with the water utility.
Often, the facilitator is not credible of the owner, in this case he has every right to refuse to enter into an agreement with him. Legislation allows each owner to sign an individual contract with the utilities, who are the direct service provider. In theory it's simple: the documents confirming the right of ownership, ID and filling out a model contract, that's the solution. In practice, everything is simply only for those who live in the private sector. With the owners of apartments in apartment buildings the water utility normally refuses to sign the contract. In General, this approach is clear and understandable – all the functionality for maintaining statistics, monitoring, and maintenance of each specific contract is in this case a water utility.
Apply to a public utility, and if it is returned with refusal, will conclude an individual contract with a supplier of utility services in court, it is enough to show failure to the statement verify ownership and competently make a claim to the water Utility.

Advice 2: How to enter into a contract with the management company

Many owners decide to enter into a contract with the management company. However, not all is so legally competent, to know exactly what conditions it needs to be concluded. Meanwhile, it is of great importance because of complaints about management companies are many. Therefore, before entering into the contractand it is worth exploring the legislation on this subject.
How to enter into a contract with the management company
In accordance with the contractof om asset management company for a set fee to provide services and perform maintenance and repair of the common property of the house, to give utilities to proprietors, etc. a Contract with the management company must be concluded in writing by drawing up one document signed by the parties. It is for a term of not less than one year and not more than five years.
According to the housing legislation, the contract with the management company shall contain:
1. the address of the house in respect of which will be managed;
2. the inventory of such homes;
3. the list of services and the maintenance and repair of the common property of the house;
4. the list provided by the company for utility services;
5. fees for the maintenance and repair of common property of the house, utilities;
6. the order of introduction of the said fee;
7. the exercise of control over the actions of the management company.
Make sure to check the contract with the provisions of the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation from 13.08.2006 №491. It approves the Rules of content of common property in an apartment house and rules of change of size of payment for maintenance and repair of the dwelling. Especially in this regulation should pay attention to the rules to perform common maintenance costs of the common property. In particular, the Decision stated that the decision on the amount of fees for the maintenance and repair of the premises is taken by the General meeting of apartment owners for a period of one year. This and other rules should be considered in order not to let the management company of the abuse (instead of one year in a contract to write six months in order to continue to raise fees, etc.). Articles of agreementand the management company must comply with the regulations. So take the time to sign the contract immediately and inform about the availability of the specified resolution the neighbors that the majority of tenants have not been signed obviously unprofitable and not corresponding to the law of contract.

Advice 3: How to enter into a contract with a private entity

According to article 17 and 18 of the civil code all citizens have civil rights and bear responsibilities and obligations when signing any contracts, which do not contradict laws of the Russian Federation. In accordance with this, any private person can enter into various contracts in the simple written form with identification at a notary or in a notarial form.

How to enter into a contract with a private entity
You will need
  • - passport;
  • - standardized form of a contract or two sheets of paper;
  • - handle;
  • - print (if the contract is with the individual entrepreneur or legal entity).
Enter into any contract with a private entity subject to all requirements of the Civil code of the Russian Federation. Types of contracts can be different, for example civil law, loan agreement, contract of employment. Depending on the form of the contract and the agreed terms it can be gratuitous, when there is only personal responsibility of the parties and paid when the liability is material liability (article 39, 779 GK the Russian Federation).
At the conclusion of the agreement in writing you have to write it by hand in two copies for each party. Completely, the points to specify all the conditions of the contract, the obligation and liability of the parties for its implementation, as well as the liability of the parties upon early termination of the contract. If some items are not specified, then if there are any disputed issues, the court will be guided by the current legislation at the time of the dispute between the parties.
The contract must specify all the details of both parties, passport data, contact information. If the contract is not the legal form and not in a unified form, it is need to supply your Bank details and signatures of the witnesses on your part and on the part of individuals. For a formal agreement, such as loan agreement with a credit institution operating legally and has a state license to carry out activities, such conditions are not provided.
Upon conclusion of a notarial contract with a private individual, you do not need to take care of the legal side of making all the points you Express your wishes, a practicing notary of the contract in accordance with the law at the time of its conclusion and signature.
If you have signed a reimbursable contract for which you or individual will get the income, a copy of the contract is subject to registration in tax inspection for tax assessment on income.
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