Let your child "Mezim" if necessary, as a maintenance therapy. A single dose of the drug can take place in case of accidental errors in the diet (overeating, indigestion, food poisoning). At the same time, the drug can be prescribed for long-term treatment. For example, "zantac" is prescribed to children with pancreatitis, which manifests itself on the background of diseases of the duodenum and biliary tract. The drug helps in quick relief from abdominal pain. If the result of therapy were observed for several days - the child is prescribed painkillers, which can be used together with "Mezimom" and give an excellent result.
Consult your doctor before giving your child "Mezim". The dosage is determined solely by the attending physician based on the results of the tests and medical examination. By a correct selection of dosing "zantacand" the results do not keep itself waiting long. Soon stop the disorder of the chair as well as digestion in General. It is likely your child will start to gain weight.
To give the "Mezim" infant, pre-crush the pill (usually a quarter or half) into powder by two teaspoons. Then, fill the spoon with the powder a small amount of water, tea or juice and give to baby. If he isn't able to drink from a spoon, pour the mixture with a syringe (without the needle!) right in the mouth. Keep in mind that, having tasted the drug for a couple of techniques, the child will try to spit it out, and sometimes, it appears a gag reaction. So once he takes the cure, just give the baby to drink anything sweetened.