Activated charcoal can be used both as preventive and as therapeutic agent. It can be used to cleanse the body from toxins and, thus, to strengthen the immune system. However, excessive use of this drug may lead to vitamin deficiencies as it interferes with absorption of nutrients from the gastrointestinal tract. For the same reason it is not recommended to use activated charcoal simultaneously with other drugs. The effectiveness of the latter will be significantly reduced.
Newborn activated charcoal is assigned when there is persistent jaundice, atopic dermatitis and colic. In addition, it is very good for intestinal dysbiosis, which is often accompanied by diarrhea and bloating.
The dosage of activated carbon is calculated by weight of the newborn. Infants with body weight less than 3 kg, you can drink no more than 1/4 tablet at a time. A child who weighs 3-5 kg, you can give a third tablet.
Grind the required amount of activated charcoal to a powder. Make sure that the mass was homogeneous, without inclusions of large granules. Add to the powder a small amount of water, stir thoroughly, and give the child medicine spoon or with a syringe without the needle. To the entire portion of the activated carbon trapped in the stomach, you must drink it. Newbornusually enough 20-30 ml of water.
Let the newborn activated charcoal three times a day. The duration of treatment of dysbacteriosis and colic should be no more than 2-4 days. Jaundice consume activated charcoal need about a week. About the same time required for the excretion of toxins in atopic dermatitis.