Advice 1: How to give activated charcoal newborn

Activated charcoal is an inexpensive treatment, almost does not cause side effects. Due to its safety and availability, it can be used in all age groups, including newborns.
How to give activated charcoal newborn
Activated charcoal can be used both as preventive and as therapeutic agent. It can be used to cleanse the body from toxins and, thus, to strengthen the immune system. However, excessive use of this drug may lead to vitamin deficiencies as it interferes with absorption of nutrients from the gastrointestinal tract. For the same reason it is not recommended to use activated charcoal simultaneously with other drugs. The effectiveness of the latter will be significantly reduced.
Newborn activated charcoal is assigned when there is persistent jaundice, atopic dermatitis and colic. In addition, it is very good for intestinal dysbiosis, which is often accompanied by diarrhea and bloating.
The dosage of activated carbon is calculated by weight of the newborn. Infants with body weight less than 3 kg, you can drink no more than 1/4 tablet at a time. A child who weighs 3-5 kg, you can give a third tablet.
Grind the required amount of activated charcoal to a powder. Make sure that the mass was homogeneous, without inclusions of large granules. Add to the powder a small amount of water, stir thoroughly, and give the child medicine spoon or with a syringe without the needle. To the entire portion of the activated carbon trapped in the stomach, you must drink it. Newbornusually enough 20-30 ml of water.
Let the newborn activated charcoal three times a day. The duration of treatment of dysbacteriosis and colic should be no more than 2-4 days. Jaundice consume activated charcoal need about a week. About the same time required for the excretion of toxins in atopic dermatitis.

Advice 2 : How to calculate the dosage of activated charcoal

Activated charcoal – available drug, perfectly displays the body of toxins, toxins and allergens. It is used to treat adults and children in medical institutions and at home.
How to calculate the dosage of activated charcoal
The preparation of activated carbon having enterosorbiruyuschee, detoxification and anti-diarrhea effects. It has a high porosity, due to special processing. Very efficiently absorbs the toxins, allergens, gases, toxins, drug overdose, bacteria, and alcohol.

In addition to harmful substances, the drug also absorbs trace elements, vitamins and useful microflora, which is important to consider in long-term care.

Indications for

Activated carbon is used for:
- various intoxications (dyspepsia, flatulence, fermentation, acidity of gastric juice and diarrhea);
- poisoning by heavy metal salts, drugs and nutritional diseases;
- intestinal infections: dysentery and salmonellosis;
- liver cirrhosis, acute and chronic hepatitis and renal failure;
- allergic diseases: swallowed angioedema, bronchial asthma, atopic dermatitis, urticaria;
- metabolic disorders;
- poisoning narcotic, psychotropic drugs and alcohol;
- the preparation prior to the diagnosis of the bowel (for gas adsorption);
- the cleansing of the body and as a complex therapy for weight loss.

The activated carbon is required according to the annotation. Contraindications to the use are: peptic ulcer, gastrointestinal bleeding, ulcerative colitis, and drug intolerance.

In the treatment may occur side effects: diarrhea, dyspepsia and constipation. If activated charcoal is taken over a long time – say reducing the intake of fat, proteins, hormones and vitamins. Allergic reactions occur very rarely.

Dosing of activated charcoal

The amount of activated charcoal in cases of poisoning and intoxications counting - at twenty or thirty grams in the form of an aqueous suspension: the right amount of powder for preparation of oral suspension is diluted in 100-150 ml of water (1 teaspoon contains 1 gram). In acute poisoning, gastric lavage is performed 10-20% suspension, and then move on ingestion by 20-30 grams per day (twenty grams contained in one hundred tablets).

When metabolic disorders, allergic diseases, the drug is taken orally one hour before a meal or after a meal. The daily dosage ranges from one hundred to two hundred milligrams per kilogram of body weight. Usually for adults is two tablets three times a day, for children – one tablet one to three times a day. Therapy lasts from three to fourteen days. Two weeks after treatment, the drug can be repeated. It is not recommended to take medicine every day, as a very high risk of vitamin deficiency.

A single dose of the drug is calculated as follows: one tablet per ten pounds of body weight.

Advice 3 : How to give pills to babies

New parents face a lot of difficulties in the first months of baby's life. One of the serious challenges for loving moms and dads are prevention and treatment of childhood diseases. Fortunately, today there are many medications specifically for infants. This form of release as the tablet puts parents in a deadlock, but in fact, their reception is not the problem.
How to give pills to babies
You will need
  • - 2 spoons,
  • - bottle
  • a syringe without the needle.
Young parents do not know how to get baby to take the pills, especially if it is not tried in his life, nothing but breast milk. The first and easiest way to crush the required amount of drug, mix with water, milk or other liquid present in the diet of the baby and give with a spoon. Nothing bad will happen if a child begins to learn a useful skill of eating with a spoon a little earlier than you planned introduction of complementary foods. For the safety of the delicate baby gums it is best to buy special silicone spoons, which will be useful in the future.
If the baby refuses to eat or drink with a spoon, you can offer him crushed and mixed with liquid pills in the bottle. However, it will have to very carefully grind because the hole in the silicone nipple small. With this method, is linked to another difficulty: if the child refuses to drink the entire contents of the bottle, you will find it hard to estimate the actual number of adopted drug.
The most effective way to give the child a tablet to use a conventional medical syringe without a needle. Simply mix the crushed pill with the liquid to fill the syringe and inject it into the baby's mouth. Don't be afraid that the child will choke — babies have pronounced swallowing reflex. So you most likely will not spill a drop of the drug.
If it is possible to use an alternative form of release of the drug, it is better to abandon the pills. So, fever and pain relievers can almost always be found in the form of syrups or suppositories. They possess not less efficient, they are easier for parents and baby.
Useful advice
Crushed tablets and not to miss a single crumb, you can use two metal spoons. One put the required amount of drug (a quarter, half or one pill), put her in a second and tightly. The resulting powder give the child any of the described ways.

Advice 4 : How to give the child activated charcoal

Activated charcoal is in the medicine Cabinet of almost every family, because it helps adults and children in cases of poisoning and in many infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Despite the fact that the activated charcoal refers to safe medicines, before you give it to a child, consult your pediatrician or call the ambulance service and specify the dosage.
How to give the child activated charcoal
You will need
  • - Activated carbon;
  • - boiled water.
The drug in pill or in the form of an aqueous suspension ingested. Dosage of activated charcoal depends on the weight and age of the child. For the preparation of a suspension of the required number of tablets of coal dissolve in half a glass of water. Children activated charcoal is administered at the rate of 0.05 g per kilogram of body weight, taken 3 times a day. The maximum single dose of 0.2 mg per kilogram of body weight of the child. The course of treatment in acute diseases is 3 to 5 days, up to 14 days while allergies and chronic diseases. On the recommendation of the attending physician in two weeks to repeat the course.
In cases of acute poisoning to make the child gastric lavage with the use of aqueous suspensions of activated charcoal, then allow 20-30 grams of coal inside. Flatulence and digestive problems the coal get inside 3-4 times a day, 1-2 year Course of treatment in this case is from 3 to 7 days.
Remember, the pills come in different weights. For very young children you can purchase activated charcoal in the form of granules, paste or powder this medicine is more soluble in water.
Note that between the administration of activated charcoal and eating of food or other drugs should not be less than two hours. Otherwise, activated charcoal, interacting with the drugs will reduce the absorption and effectiveness of treatment.
If you do not notice the child feel better after taking activated charcoal, call the ambulance.
Contraindications for use of activated charcoal include: hypersensitivity to the drug, ulcerative lesions of gastrointestinal tract, gastric bleeding etc. For the period of administration of activated charcoal to the feces of the child, most likely, will turn black, which in this case should not disturb parents.

Activated carbon should be stored in a dry place to prevent deterioration of its sorption capacity.

Advice 5 : How to give medicine to the newborn

The question of how to give a newborn baby a cure, and often baffles new parents. It can be antipyretic medicine, vitamin, antibiotics or something else. For this parents require some ingenuity, attention and care.
How to give medicine to the newborn
Before giving the newborn child medication, carefully read and review the instructions for use. If you are in doubt about taking a medication, consult your pediatrician, who stand on the account.
Often only the cunning can make a newborn to drink the medicine. Give it to the child casually, as if you hadn't come, that he may refuse to accept it, smile, and talk with him as a newborn often looks at the facial expressions of the people around him. But basically most of children automatically open my mouth when approaching the spoon and give the child the medication is easy.
Strictly follow the rules of the medication. They should give the child to divorced and crushed form. Basically, they give at a certain time of day: before, during and after a meal. In that case, if the doctor prescribed your babyto have only part of pills, use a sharp knife and accurately measure the dose of prescribed medications. Dilute pills breast milk or warm boiled water.
If you prefer to give the medicine (syrups, tinctures, infused herbs) from a special syringe, ensure that the newborn baby is drowned. To do this, place the tip of the syringe in the corner of his mouth and gently direct it to the inner side of the cheeks. Then slowly press the plunger to the baby time gradually to swallow.
If you prefer to give medicine to a child using the spoon, place it on the edge of the lower lip of the baby and slowly tilt to the medicine gradually flowed into the mouth of a child. Buy in pharmacies of the special nipples that can be filled with medication, they are ideal for kids and especially for those who loves to suck a pacifier. These nipples allow both to heal and to calm the baby.

Advice 6 : How to activate the game Truckers 3

The game "Truckers 3" is equipped with a very reliable security system, so it cannot run without prior activation, and no disc in the drive at the first game.
How to activate the game Truckers 3
You will need
  • connection to the Internet.
Carefully inspect the package from the drive, get her license key. If such it is, then find it on the disc itself. Copy it in Notepad and insert the disc in the drive. If the license was purchased via the Internet, the key you had to send an e-mail. In this case, run your distribution disk by clicking on the icon Autorun.exe.
In the on-screen game menu, select setup. Select the desired directory, execute the installation according to the instructions of the menu items. The license key may be required prior to start of installation, but not always.
Run the installed game from your desktop or from the programs list, pre-connect the Internet connection (it is a prerequisite for activation). Click in the box that appears, click "Continue" and wait until the program completes the necessary steps.
If you failed to register the system as described above, you still have at least two options. The first of them - the activation of the software on the official website. To do this, open the link and enter the license key disk in the appropriate field. Will receive a key to activate the game, which will be automatically generated by the system.
Enjoy sending SMS messages if you have no access to the Internet. Menu, activate an alternative way and go to the SMS tab. Send the specified system message to the number written in the window of the activator and copy the output in the response message code.
Useful advice
Always use only licensed copies of the software and games.

Advice 7 : How to wash a newborn's head

Mother and baby are discharged from the genitive of the house. Now the young parents faces a number of issues associated with caring for a baby. About the need for daily bathing of the child they already know, but here is how to wash the head of the newborn?
How to wash a newborn's head
You will need
  • - baby soap,
  • - foam or gel type "from head to feet",
  • - baby shampoo formula "no tears".
Fill the pre-wash baby bath bathing water temperatures of about 36-37 o C. To measure temperature you can use a special thermometer for the water (do not rely on my own feelings of "hot-cold", as they can be deceiving).
Immerse your baby in water, supporting the palm and fingers of the left hand under the head, neck and back. You can put the baby's head on the inside of the wrist left the river, placing it neck and upper chest on his palm.
Wet the palm of his right hand the scalp of the baby, and then soap baby soap (foam, gel, shampoo for children) and your hand is already greasy palm swipe several times on the baby's head, making a circular motion from forehead to neck.
Rinse off the soap with hairs water baby with the right hand. Pour water as well as soaping the head from forehead to neck. The soap need to wash off thoroughly, leaving no traces on the hair of the child.
Don't be afraid when washing to damage the spring, so as the child's brain protected by a thick layer of cartilage and skin. However, the process of shampooing all the same should be done carefully and gently.
Wash the head of the newborn with soap and water 2-3 times a week (to rinse the hair with water daily while bathing).
Useful advice
While shampooing be careful to wash hair or the soap was not included in the kid's eyes.

Advice 8 : Reviews about coal activated carbon for weight loss

It's just medicine

Heard a lot about the fact that the use of activated carbon for weight loss reviews has been quite different. Some praised, others said no effect. Decided to try, as the cause of excess weight had a lot of toxins in the intestines, and hence toxins. Activated charcoal helped get rid of unnecessary components and I lost weight. Now I try to eat right so as not to clog the intestines and not get better.
Reviews about coal activated carbon for weight loss

Utter nonsense


Really there are still people who believe in this nonsense? To lose weight using only activated carbon is impossible. Everyone is looking for the easy way, but it does not happen. Two years ago I too fell for the bait. 3 months sitting in the corner. No kg is not gone! Necessarily in the complex must be diet and an active lifestyle, but then the result will achieve no coal!

Coal is a good helper


Have heard that activated charcoal helps in the fight against excess weights. We all know such properties of activated carbon as a conclusion of toxins from the body, toxins and also excess fats. Decided to try it. For the month dropped 4 kg, feel the lightness. The result on the face! I'm sure that helped the coal, because to receive such results could not be achieved.

To lose weight easily


Activated carbon is one of the organic medications. It cleanses the body, removes toxins and unnecessary substances from the body.But I think with a single large coal result is hard to achieve, it is necessary to apply other methods of weight loss, for example, physical activity.Exercise will help rid your body of unwanted deposits, and the excess calories accumulated. And activated carbon never hurt anyone, so try and lose weight.

My experience with coal


Really wanted to lose weight for this summer and spring I stumbled on the Internet for prescription weight loss with the intake of activated charcoal. Observe the recommended diet but, unfortunately, did not help at all. Yes, coal is really a good absorbent, but to neutralize all the excess fats it should seem very much. In General, I was dissatisfied.

Activated carbon for weight loss


I myself have tried methods of weight loss with activated charcoal. I can say for sure that this method works. In this case a diet strictly is not respected, just a little to limit yourself in fatty and sweet foods. Activated charcoal in the diet is accepted under the scheme - within 10 days from the morning until food is taken 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight. I like this option came up that are not necessarily strongly restrict your diet. With activated charcoal I was able to throw 6 kg, and the good things that I absolutely did not feel uncomfortable.

activated carbon for weight loss review


Heard of this method, as activated carbon for weight loss. Initially doubted his work. And, frankly, nothing. Started taking it according to instructions, no result felt. Probably in combination with appropriate diet he can be effective, but for me it is inconclusive.

The myth of a coal diet


By themselves, coal pills don't lead to weight loss. They just improve intestinal health, collect for themselves the stuff out of the body. But if, excuse me, to eat everything and in excessive amounts, no coal will help, though weight eat it. First of all, you need to reduce the amount of food eaten per day. In any case not to overeat and not to eat at night. That in itself will lead to weight normalization. Well, three tablets, three times a day for 2-3 months.

And you can clean up


Often come across reviews of charcoal as a means to reduce the body weight. Even famous people are attracted here. Activated carbon is the sorbent. His task is to absorb and output. But he is so constituted, hundred excess fat beyond him. But I'm stubborn, tried it. I must say that you need to drink more, otherwise the coal much all will connect. If there are problems with blood vessels, swelling may appear. Changes in stool were observed, except for color. Ate as usual. Two weeks later I stepped on the scale – score of minus 1 kg. It is about nothing. Just cleaned the intestines. True ease in this compartment is still present. In General, activated charcoal is a great alternative to cleansing enemas.

Activated charcoal slimming


Personally, I tried to drink activated charcoal in the morning on empty stomach to remove toxins from the body. Acts as a laxative, and absorbent. It is best to drink 1 tablet per 10kg own weight. For example: if you weigh 53 kg you need to drink 5 tablets. If weight 58 kg it is possible to drink 6 tablets. You can drink it no more than 10 days. Lose weight of course it did not help me, but the intestines cleaned.

Advice 9 : Prevention of torticollis in a newborn baby

Torticollis is a serious disease. But if the time to pay attention to it and carry out the necessary preventive measures - massage, orthopedic pillow, stimulation of the head turning of the baby from one side to the other, the negative consequences will likely be avoided.
Prevention of torticollis in a newborn baby

What is torticollis and how it threatens the newborn baby

Torticollis newborn baby is a disease characterized by impaired development of the sternocleidomastoid muscle and its shortening. A typical symptom of the disease is to constantly tilt the child's head to the affected side while the chin is looking in the opposite direction. This is a fairly common defect in infants to date.

The cause of the pathology may be incorrect position of the fetus in the womb, moved pregnant infections and birth injuries.

Depending on the causes, we distinguish congenital and acquired torticollis. The latter could be the installation is the result of improper care when the infant always placed to sleep on the same side, muscle damage is not happening.

If you do not pay enough attention to the problem, the disease can lead to the development of facial asymmetry, blood circulation and the emergence of permanent muscle pain.
Problems with the spine lead to neurology, and the brain begins to suffer from lack of oxygen.

Prevention of the disease

Conducted timely measures to prevent the development of disease, you can avoid serious complications.
Prevention of torticollis involves the following activities:

To avoid torticollis in a child, it is recommended in the nursing home to put him on different sides. Also the building – laying of the baby on the right side, then on the left, does not give the fragile bones of his head to accept the wrong form.

Pediatrician recommended daily gymnastic exercises on the fitball help to develop all muscle groups of the child and strengthen them.

Another good tool is the orthopedic pillow size 30х22 cm with special recess that captures the head in the correct position. Such release of the company "tempura", "Theraline", and tackier Russian "Trives".

Help can massage courses. Since babies bones are still very fragile and easily damaged, the massaging should be done with extreme caution. Even a gentle massage can stop the progress of incipient disease.

During the games the child laying on his stomach on a hard surface. So he quickly learned to keep the correct head.

Toys in the cot can not be placed on the same side of the baby. Constantly changing their position, it is possible to prevent the rotation of his head to the same side.

At the first signs of illness should immediately go to the doctor-osteopath and follow all the recommendations. Perhaps he will appoint a special complex of therapeutic exercises.

Advice 10 : What to dress a newborn baby in the first days of stay at home

The first few days after arriving home from the hospital the most exciting for the parents. From how you dress a baby will depend on his health and mood. To choose home clothes for a newborn is affected by time of year and room temperature.
What to dress a newborn baby in the first days of stay at home

Summer child

The baby, born in a warm season, you can wear at home in a Onesie and a diaper. On my head to wear a cap. All the clothes for the newborn should be made of natural materials, washed and ironed. The cap and vests stitched on the outside.
Choosing clothes for your baby, give preference to clothes with a slit in the back so the child will always be closed umbilical wound.

It is desirable to abandon the flounces and lace in the first days of stay at home, they can cause irritation on baby's skin. The first 5-7 days after arrival from the hospital, the baby swaddled together in pens, in a subsequent leave handles free, swaddling clothes, only the legs. In the summer you can afford not to use disposable diapers and change the diaper as needed. Bonnet tie on the side, so the node is not been clasped round the neck under the chin.

If a room is well warmed up and the temperature does not fall below 24-25C, the little enough to suit in a light natural suit. The first time you are going to go for a walk, get some fresh air by opening wide the window or walking for some time on the balcony. For this walk you can choose a soft flannel blanket and warm cap, if a little chilly.

Winter child

If your baby was born in autumn, winter or early spring, requirements for clothing will be different.
It is not necessary to use as insulation crumbs shawls and blankets, they are strong allergens. In addition, the pile may get into your eyes, nose and mouth.

Disposable diapers you will start to put the baby in the hospital, so change diapers often don't, and the kid will stay warm until the next diaper change. If the house is cool, you need to dress up warmer: vest with hood, socks and a flannel cap. The best option for warming the baby after a week of stay at home will be the Romper buttons, referred to as slip.

A slip is not necessary to push through the head as body, no rubber bands on the belly, as from the sliders, nothing comes out and does not slip. It is easy to unbutton for diaper changing, because to remove it completely is not necessary. The same applies to more types of insulated coveralls for the first invigorating walks on the balcony. It is very important that the room where the child was not draft. Otherwise, no clothes will not be able to protect the newborn from cold.

Advice 11 : How does activated charcoal

Activated carbon is a porous substance derived from organic carbonaceous materials: wood and coke coal, coal and petroleum coke, and others. In medicine it is used as enterosorbent.
How does activated charcoal
Due to the large number of pores, activated carbon has a high adsorption. Ingesting it has enterosorbiruyuschee, antidiarrheal and detoxifying action. Charcoal absorbs toxins and poisons from the gastrointestinal tract, heavy metal salts, gases and other substances.
Note that the activated carbon adsorbs not only harmful, but also nutrients, so it is prolonged and uncontrolled use can cause lack of vitamins and minerals.

How to take activated charcoal

In case of poisoning with poor-quality food can make gastric lavage aqueous suspension of activated charcoal. It is important to create the excess carbon to avoid reabsorbtsii – selling release of toxins, possible with a lack of sorbent. After gastric lavage need to take the pill for bowel cleansing: for every 10 kg of body weight recommended 0.25 mg (1 tablet) of coal.
Activated charcoal can help not only in case of poisoning, diarrhea and flatulence, but also for the relief of withdrawal syndrome and allergic reactions.

How to prepare a suspension of charcoal for gastric lavage

To prepare the slurry of coal, it is necessary to take 1 tablespoon of crushed tablets or finished coal powder and dilute them in a liter of water. In severe cases, it is possible to increase the concentration of suspended matter, taking 10-15 grams of charcoal per 100 ml of water.

How much coal can you eat in a day

The recommended daily allowance of the drug for an adult is 6 to 12 g, and the maximum – 20-30 g, the Daily dose should be divided into several stages. The activated carbon should be separate from the other medicines, after a period of time at least an hour and a half, since the adsorbent can partially absorb medications and reduce their effectiveness. This is especially true of oral contraceptives, antidepressants, sedatives, hypnotics, MAO inhibitors.
Activated charcoal is contraindicated in ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract, bleeding in gastrointestinal tract, intestinal atony.

Can we take activated charcoal for weight loss

Take activated charcoal pills are not only ineffective, but harmful. It has no effect on metabolic processes in the body, but removes from the bowel the vitamins, amino acids and other important items. In addition, the abuse of coal it starts to act like a toxin causing nausea, vomiting and gastrointestinal disorders.
Is the advice useful?