The sets are dependent and independent. Brass wardrobe, which is installed under the hob and has a common management with it, is called dependent. All General controls are often located on the front panel of the oven. The independent set consists of individual wind Cabinet and a separate hob. In this case the oven you can remove from the hob and move to any corner of the kitchen space. For example, you can build on top or in a separate wardrobe.
Popular built-in electric ovens. They can be statistical and multi-functional. Statistical oven much cheaper than multi-function. Accordingly, the opportunities it has too less. Statistics from the ovens feature top and bottom heating element. There are also models that have the grill. In this oven it usually rotates and is provided by the heating and roasting the product from all sides.
In the multifunctional oven uses a different system. The fan evenly distributes hot air throughout the area of the wind Cabinet. The dish is fully baked. With this oven you can forget about browned on top and raw inside pies. In the multifunctional oven has several modes of operation. With its help you can quickly defrost food, cook food, and a couple of pizzas. Most models have multiple modes of operation of the grill.
When choosing electric brass Cabinet be sure to pay attention to the cleaning method. Good manufacturers are introducing features that help to facilitate this process. Quite often you can find ovens, which use a catalytic purification.