You will need
  • Qualified Manager at the store on the sales of ovens and knowledge of their own preferences to what you want from an oven
If for owners of electric stoves doubt relate only to choose whether the built-in oven or a stove, gasified houses, the question often arises about whether it is possible to install a gas hob and electric oven separate from each other. Yes, it's real, when it is believed that electric oven provides much more features than gas.
To answer the question of how to choose an electric oven, you need to pay attention to the proposed functions of the model. Modern ovens are equipped with a retractable rolling stones, through which you can check the contents, not burning due to the temperature inside the oven. As a rule, the stones attached to the lattice for frying and at least one tray. Also pay attention to the function of the cold oven door. Regardless of what is happening inside, outside of getting burned is simply impossible. This is especially important for families with small children.
Additional functions in the form of a grill, spit or drying the dried fruits are not all models. Therefore, the choice of electric oven is largely dependent on the preferences of the family for which it is purchased. For example, not everyone likes a kebab, cooked in the oven. The program of heating can be different and involve not only the choice of temperature, but also options for cooking. Popular convection function, thanks to which the product is uniformly blown with warm air from all sides.
Equally important as the oven is the way to clean the internal walls of the Cabinet. There is such a thing as not to contaminated the enamel, which thanks to the fine structure of the soot is formed in the smallest quantity. This allows to simplify the care system for oven. Individual models include a pyrolysis purification by exposure to high temperatures.