You will need
  • - Internet;
  • program LanScope.
Download LanScope from the Internet and install to the hard drive. The program is free, so you will be able to use all its functionality immediately after installation without paying money. Can find on the website Install the software on a personal computer. Launch the program by double-clicking on the icon in the form of a telescope on legs.
The program window is divided into several parts: a list of computers, IPaddresses, users and hardware resources. Carefully read the menu program icons quite a lot, using them, and you'll perform all the necessary actions. Add the new list of networksby pressing on the first button with the binoculars or press Ctrl-N on the keyboard.
Scan networkby clicking on the icon will start the "Master address list". Click "Scan network neighborhood" and click "Next". Give the name of the future group of addresses, and start the scanning procedure by clicking on the "Search" button. The program will create a map of the network in the "Master", moving the structure of computers with the IP address ranges. You can scan each band directly in the wizard or to confirm the result by pressing the "finish"button.
Go to "Settings" program to set parameters of scanning your network. The program has a wide range of opportunities, and if you want to know them all, read the manual or detailed instruction for address In General we can say that at this point in time developed a large variety of software that in real time allows you to learn all the IP addressesconnected to the network personal computer.