A little bit about the concept of "founding documents"

Statutes are also called constitutive as they are formed during the establishment of the organization. The concept of constituent documents announced in article 52 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation. According to the civil code of the Russian Federation mandatory document for the establishment of the company can be one Statute. Other testimonies have quite a different purpose, but they also are made when creating a company. Therefore, when banking, tax and other authorities are requesting from the organization's founding documents, they mean the complete list.

These papers are the basis of the work of the legal entity and its registration in all necessary instances. Charter reglamentary activity of the company, it sets out the basic data about the organization, its activities, conduct business transactions, and other significant elements. Individual entrepreneurs do not have the Charter, as in its work be guided by their own opinions and decisions alone. Main registration document UI is the certificate of registration (OGRN).

The types of statutory documents

The Charter is the main constituent document. It is created before the registration of the company. Be it the founders (owners) of the company, there may be several, therefore, the Charter clearly spells out rules for new firms, rights and obligations of each founder, the order of division of profits and other important issues. The meeting of founders, in the founding of the organization the General solution appoints the Manager, on behalf of which the company will operate.

INN – individual taxpayer ID the tax office. Is assigned when the opening of the organization.

Bin – certificate of state registration as a legal entity. Issued by the tax inspection is the confirmation of inclusion in the state registry.

Other types of documents, depending on the form of enterprise ownership.

Other necessary documents for the newly created organization

A registration email with the assignment of codes for types of economic activity. Issued by bodies of statistics.

A registration letter from the Pension Fund with the assignment of the individual number of the employer, the payer of payroll tax.

Registration a letter from the social insurance Fund with the assignment of a personal number, for employers who have employees.

Registration other regulatory organizations, depending on the activity of the company.