Remember that the licensing authority in the receipt is the Federal service for state registration, cadastre and cartography (Rosreestr) and its territorial divisions.
In order to obtain surveying license, gather the documents. It includes:- the certificate on assignment OGRN, the certificate on INN assignment, codes of statistics - extract from EGRUL or egrip,- all pages of passport for individual entrepreneurs - details of the individual entrepreneur or firm,- payment documents on payment of state duty,- the list of activities, which is necessary to obtain a license.
The documents, which are composed of two or more of the sheet, sew and staple printing organization or individual entrepreneur. In addition, assure by a notary copies of these documents, otherwise you will have to provide the originals.
Bring the package of documents for registration to the territorial division of Rosreestr. Within 45 days, the registration authority will make a decision on issuing a license. During this period, the Federal registration service will validate that your firm license conditions. To check the license terms must provide:- information about the specialists (diplomas and employment record),- information about geodetic instruments owned by the entrepreneur or firm and their meteorological examination,- information about the supervisor of geodetic and cartographic activities.
After making the decision to issue the license you will be required to pay the state fee: 2600 RUB for the license. This document is issued for a period of 5 years and is valid throughout the territory of Russia. After a specified period must provide to the registration authority a new package of documents for prolongation of license validity.