You will need
  • the document on education, employment history of the employee or of the net blank, handle, seal of the organization.
When applying for a work cadre in the blank form employment record, if the employee previously it would not start, on the title page enter his surname, name, patronymic, date and place of birth in accordance with the identity document. Along with the information necessary to fix education specialist. Enter the status of education (secondary, vocational, secondary vocational, higher vocational) in accordance with the data of the corresponding document (diploma, certificate).
In accordance with the instructions for conducting labor books a link to the document to do not necessary when the employee re-entering the job after training, have never worked.
If the employee has improved their skills, the personnel officer must make the appropriate entry. It is to be paid along with the records of the work. Specify the sequence number of the record in Arabic numerals, the start date of training and expiration. In the details of work enter the name of the institution where the specialist received education. The reason to write the series and number of the relevant document (diploma, certificate, etc.). Assure entry was made the seal of the enterprise in which it is fixed, write title, surname, initials of the responsible person, signature.
When the employee received, for example, higher education, and presented a diploma on the title page of his labour book, in the graph on education, put a comma after you made earlier records, write to the highest. In the column of profession, specialty also separated by a comma, write the name of the specialty in which trained staff.
If the specialist received the second higher education, the status of the title sheet does not change, changes are recommended only in the box of the profession on the basis of supporting document upon its presentation.