Purchase a Wi-Fi router if wired the Internet is conducted in your home and working properly. You can contact to check the website of your provider or contact him directly to see which models are most suitable for the current connection.
Connect the cable Internet to the WAN connector of the router, and the device connect to the computer or laptop. To do this, insert another cable in combination with a router, in one of the slots LAN device at one end and a plug in network card of the computer on the other end (instead of the cable Internet). Connect the router to the mains using the power adapter and press the start button.
Read the instructions to the router from the manufacturer. It must be set to the network address of the device to configure it, for example, Open any Internet browser and enter the appropriate combination into the address bar. At the prompt, enter the username and password is “admin”, then you will see the settings menu of the router.
In the menu "WAN connection Type" select the appropriate value, e.g. "L2TP Russia". The type of your connection, contact your ISP. Next, enter in the appropriate fields your username and password that you used to connect to wired Internet. Select the automatic connection method to the network.
Navigate to the configure TCP/IP and set the required IP address and subnet mask. You can get them from your provider or try the default settings specified in the user manual. Set the same values for IP address and subnet mask on the computer. Minimize the browser window, go to "control Panel" then "Network connections", perform the necessary settings via the "Properties" of the current network connection. To test the connection, type at the Windows command prompt PING and set the IP address, then press Enter.
Then try to connect Wi-Fi on the router by going to the menu item "Wireless". Specify the name of the Wi-Fi connection and activate the checkbox "Enable wireless router radio". Here (or in the settings menu network connection) you can specify the password to connect to Wi-Fi. Save the settings and close the window. Click on the network icon in the lower right corner of the Windows taskbar. Among the available wireless connections, select your. Enter the password. Once installed, try to open any site in browser to check the connectivity on the performance.