You will need
  • - tights;
  • - threads;
  • - needle;
  • old stockings;
  • glasses or magnifier;
  • - nail Polish.
For starters, look in what place torn tights. If the hole is in an open area that is well visible to others, then sew it not worth it. Even the neat seam will be very noticeable. These tights better to throw, or to put on under pants or jeans in the cold winter. But if the tights ripped at the waist band or top, dispose of the hole and carry the thing further.
Most importantly - choose the right thread. To sew the stockings, take the thread, which is suitable in thickness and in color. You can simply dissolve old unwanted tights or stockings in suitable colors and get from them the thread. Tightening it in a thin needle, first pull the opposite side of the "arrow" on the tights. Try to tighten the thread is not particularly strong. It is important that the edge must agree. Next, sew the hole on all sides, making the desired number of stitches. Sew the hole had fully healed.
Sewing up a hole or "arrow", it is very important not to miss any loops. Look closely and pull them out every single. After conceding at least one loop, you can not handle with a hole: this loop will be the beginning of a new "arrows". Try to sew so that the seam seemed invisible. If necessary, use sunglasses or a magnifying glass.
If the tights are torn, and thread is not at hand, use other improvised materials. The hole can be glued with any adhesive or use a little nail Polish the right color. This way you stop further promotion of the "arrow." However, this method is suitable only when the hole in the tights is very small.
On the waist band pantyhose darn that using the same thread. Just make more stitches. Indeed, in this place the hole, if it was not sewn very carefully, may appear again.