You will need
  • – the current list of NACE codes;
  • – the form recommended form 13001.
Go to the website of the Federal tax service and download the form recommended form 13001. Fill it in, paying special attention to the list of codes OKVED (all-Russian classifier of types of economic activity). The current list can be found on the Internet, in databases the Consultant or Department of the Federal tax service for the community.
Select the list of codes OKVED. In the notes to the recommended filling out the forms said that the potential entrepreneur can specify an unlimited number of NACE. However, in practice, if registration is not recommended to fill more than 30 count. Otherwise, the Commission may decline the request. First in the code list must stand the main activity. If during the registration it remains unchanged, then the cell should be blank. All other terms and conditions fill the form of re-registration remains the same in comparison with the registration form: listing of permitted to EGRUL codes, consisting of more than 3 digits.
Swipe founding meeting. Prepare the Protocol and the decision of the Board of Directors (the founders) on the amendment or extension of the list of activities. As a rule, the minutes of the meeting shall be drawn up in free form.
Make the appropriate changes in the Charter of the enterprise, in the part devoted to the enumeration activities. Make a copy of the documents.
Pay the state fee for re-registration of the enterprise and sign the documents at the notary. It should be remembered that a completed form 13001 must be made.
Contact the local office of the Federal tax service and submit the documents for re-registration of the enterprise. After acceptance of the application and its review, the tax office makes a decision, and if approved, the company will be registered in 10-day period.