Any organization, individual entrepreneur in the register must specify the types of activities in which I plan to do. For classification and systematization of these types of economic activities all-Russian classifier (OKVED). It is necessary to see the names and numeric codes of specific types of entrepreneurial activity. After registration the organization can always change its economic activities, to add or exclude certain codes and names for which the tax authority served a special statement.

How to find the right NACE codes?

The Russian classification is a fairly large document, therefore, without knowledge of its structure to search for the required activities will take a long time. Just OKVED included 17 sections, each of which has its own value. Within each section the activities are divided into classes, subclasses, groups, subgroups. The smallest unit is a specific activity, it is denoted by six digits. Classes are designated by two numbers, the subclasses of the three groups four groups five. In a statement, when your organization must at least specify three digits of each activity, it is possible to choose subclasses or more fractional notation. The choice of subclasses gives more freedom in the future of the organization, because in the process of constant can appear new spheres of activity.

How to determine the specific code NACE?

When filling out the application on registration or registration of changes entered in the register, you should define the codes in NACE through a sequence from General to specific. Initially, you must determine the specific scope of activities that will allow you to choose one of the seventeen sections. After that, you should carefully examine all of the classes in this section, to find a suitable class, explore its subclasses. We can stop right there, because the statement may be an indication of a three-digit subclass codes. If you wish, you can also continue the study of the NACE, which will more specifically define their own activities, to fix them in the registry. But we should remember that the specific activities or sub-groups (five or six digits) significantly limits the organization if you later change directions, because we'll need to change the data in the registry.