So, if you are the proud owner of a real wood-burning samovarand, first, remember that to melt it with the help of products of oil refining is absolutely impossible. For these purposes, use pine cones, they will give tea a pleasant aroma and taste.To kindle the samovar is not so easy, it requires the ability to handle the device. Therefore, if the samovar you've seen only in pictures, it is better entrust the whole process to the more experienced person, as the restoration of the samovarand costs a lot.
The ignition of wood is carried out only from the bottom. Often do so: at the bottom put something that can quickly ignite, but the fire tray on top, eventually you get a pile of spent matches and cold water in the samovarE.
Light the samovar in the following way. The jug should be empty, take one sliver of medium size and set fire to it. Push it gently in the rest of the wood so that it does not put out the draught, then put the rest of the chips. Remember, during this procedure, the main flame must not go out, so make sure that the flame burns fairly steadily, and only then close the tube compartment. However, don't forget to follow fire, periodically toss firewood.
Also try to use charcoal, you may need boots. This was the method used back in the old days, the heel needs to move and fast enough, then the water will begin to boil in the shortest possible time.
Very well, if the pipe of the samovarand is the handle, which will make the whole procedure of firing as fast as possible. Also remember that ignite empty a samovar , you should not always pre-fill the samovar with water.