You will need
  • - any pants your child for sample;
  • - scissors;
  • - chalk;
  • - reinforced thread;
  • - sewing machine with a special foot for jeans
  • - needle for machine No. 100 or No. 110.
Place old jeans on a table and inspect them. Natertye places have jeans are located below the thighs closer to the knees and further down. Take kid trousers, fold them in half at the middle seam. Put pants on one pant leg of your jeans so that the inner side seam was on the side seam of jeans. Outline outline with chalk, making the seam, 1.5-2 cm Repeat pattern on the other leg.
Cut out the drawn with chalk patterns. Expand them. You got two not quite ordinary pants. They are stitched at the inner side seams. Sew the jeans on the middle seams on the machine, athlete and attrocity seams.
Fight back pockets of jeans from the rest, take from them, pockets on jeans baby. Decorate the pockets with embroidery or applique. Smoothen the edge of the pockets inside (0,5-0,7 cm), sew them to the backs of children's jeans at the same level, then exactly pristrochite on a typewriter.
Sew both side seams, athlete and attrocity them. From any knitted material, suitable in color, will have plenty of belt for jeans. It needs to be double. Sew it to the top stitched pants, pass through it the elastic or drawstring.
Jeans on baby's ready. Can dress up little fashionistas.