You will need
  • paper, iron;
  • - talc.
First, remove the dry wax, just cut the wax with a knife. Can the knife slightly warm, then cut off the wax it will be easier, but if the knife is not at hand, then heat in boiling water the spoon and its handle, scrape off the wax. But tissue remains greasy spot, asterite product or treat with stain remover.
You can use a different method. Prepare paper towel or toilet paper and iron. On the Ironing Board, place several layers of napkins, then lay the suede on top and again tissue paper (several layers). Then swipe the stain carefully iron, but iron will have about 30 minutes to wax all melted and soaked into the cloth.
Once the napkin is formed spot, once they replace a new one, and ironed on. The wax needs to be liquid to soak into the napkin and place wax stain is formed oily. Product sasteria or re-use the stain remover.
But suede is delicate, so first check the effect of stain remover on an inconspicuous area of your product. Water can be used only in minimal quantities. Suede absorb it like a sponge, swells and stretches. If you have to wash them, use only warm soapy water, wash quickly and don't twist. Dry on a hanger at room temperature.
Try to remove the stain of conventional talcum powder, which is sold in any drugstore. Sprinkle it on the stain and leave for two hours. Grease from suede should be absorbed in talc. Then the talc will clean off with a regular brush.
If the thing is small, it can be put at some time in the freezer, then a knife to remove the frozen wax, and stains treated with stain remover. If to cope with a stain from the wax failed, consult.
Well, if no in what ways has failed to get rid of this stains, but the thing to break up a pity, invoke the aid of imagination. Pick up a piece of suede in the tone, or, conversely, a piece in a contrasting color and make a patch, an appliqué, ie beat this spot. So you get rid of this trouble and add to your things to highlight. And clothing or shoes will be suitable for further wear.