You will need
  • Recording with music dance or any musical instrument.
The dancers stand in a circle, smiling at each other. Children's music, movement, simple, and special skills not required - just a good mood. The entire dance consists of four movements for the verse and sequential movement in a circle on the chorus.
The beak:
"Dancing ducks..." - dancers four times folded upturned hands, as if imitating the motion of a duck's beak.
"I want to be like..." - dancers four times press bent at the elbows to the body and return them to their original position, as if imitating the motion of the short wings of the little ducklings.
"I want to be like..." - a movement reminiscent of the twist, or twisting, like ducklingsand shifting on the seat with feet on foot or shake after a swim.
"No wonder, no wonder" - the dancers four times, clap your hands.
All movements are successively repeated four times for each line of the song until the chorus.
During the chorus the dancers take each other's hands and walk in a circle, once changing direction on the opposite.
"Mgnovenie need the child to return
We now ducksand as well
To live in the world!"
At the end of the chorus all together quacking and clapping.
Full lyrics:" marching ducks to be like want
I want to be like - no wonder, no wonder.
Possible tail shake and embark on a long journey
And travel far away, shouting "quack-quack".
And the nature of good, and the weather is good
No, not in vain sings soul, no wonder, no wonder.
Even a fat Hippo, a clumsy Behemoth
From ducklings not far behind, grunting "quack-quack"At the moment it is necessary
Childhood to return.
We now ducksand
So well
To live in the world.For fun on the ducks want to be like,
I want to be like - no wonder, no wonder.
Even grandmother and grandfather, dropping eighty years,
For ducklingsAMI followed suit shouting "quack-quack".
Together the sun, river, house, circling in the dance of the mischievous
Circling in the dance of mischievous, no wonder, no wonder.
Clumsy Hippo, couldn't understand,
But carefully sings "quack-quack-quack-quack".At the dancing ducklings to be like want
To be similar want no wonder, no wonder.
Everyone, repeat after me, all the pieces to one,
All pieces to one, quack-quack-quack-quack.
Easier dance in the world, the best dance in the world
You revealed his secret no wonder, no wonder.
Look at Behemoth, clumsy Behemoth
That's dancing, that gives! quack-quack-quack-quack."