You will need
  • - passport data of participants of the future group;
  • - texts of laws on search activities;
  • tourist and search equipment;
  • - computer with Internet access.
Check with the legal base. Search activity in Russia is quite strictly regulated. First and foremost, you need a law "About perpetuating of memory of victims at Fatherland protection". A search operation associated with the evacuation of the remains of weapons and military equipment should be conducted in the presence of the FSB, interior Ministry and military. Therefore, on the alleged creation of a search squadand these organizations better tell immediately.
Gather a team of like-minded people. If you wish to participate, it is better to join any existing search squad. This will give you the opportunity to get acquainted with its structure and features of the search activities. With a large number of alleged participants start with a General meeting. Discuss directions of work and possible the name and candidacy of the commander. Be sure to make a record. Specify the exact address of the venue. Write down all meeting participants with the surnames, names, patronymic and passport data. The Protocol also should be indicated the adopted name, surname, name and patronymic of the commander. Make a decision about joining the Union search squadagents. It is best to decide the question of accession immediately. It is this organization authorized by the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation to conduct a search operation.
Develop a Charter squad. Specify the goals and objectives of your organization structure. Determine is responsible for what each member of the squadand what his duties. A sample Charter can be asked in the existing squade, long a leading search activities. They can apply directly to the Union search squads or any regional office.
Make a work plan. Plan not only military-archaeological expedition, but also the archival and local history work. This is especially important if the squad raznovozrastnykh and minors. To take them in the military-archaeological expedition should not be, because they are associated with dangerous work, but to conduct local history direction can they.
Think about where and how the soldiers of the squadand will study safety. It is necessary that each participant knew what to do if suspicious object. Invite experts from the military unit, which deals with the disposal of such items. It is possible that such a person exists among those who want to join the squad.
Make a list of the required equipment. You will need a tourist and search equipment, tools. Better to buy it centrally, especially if the detachment is large. It is possible that you agree to help the Department of youth Affairs local administration. There are search squads and large enterprises, in this case, can help the trade Union organization or the Department of social Affairs.