You will need
  • - watercolor,
  • paper (drawing paper or special paper for watercolors),
  • - brush
  • - water,
  • pencil,
  • - plastic palette.
Follow the organization of your work space - keep all tools at hand, the light guide right hand does not obstruct the drawing. The composition of the objects put at eye level.With a pencil mark the outlines of all objects on the future picture. Figure apply easily, not to hurt the paper. Do not use often eraser is also disrupts the structure and texture of the paper.Draw without shadows and immediately identify the stations that will remain white.
Brushes use squirrel and coring - they are better suited for watercolor. For filling take a large flat brush, and detail brush smaller.Start with the background and slightly changing the tone, move on to the tablecloths and large parts of fruit. Draw objects of a similar color, tone and choose a color based on background color, not to lose the overall color of the picture. Where lies the shadow, apply the color with watercolors.
Then proceed with the plot, which draw all the right colors. Apply the paint without shadows, do not forget to leave white space. Set the color of the fruit and pitcher of drink. Contrast color and white spots slightly blur to soften the transitions and edges.When I paint a watercolor still life, remember that all items influence each other - their color as it moves from one to another. The shade is also not black, they absorbed the color of objects and environment and have their own color.
Some sites modify washings, especially where there is white. Enhance the color of fruits and items, and make other improvements drawing with a brush and watercolor paint. Draw the contours of all objects, but not dramatically, and so they merged with the neighboring.Put the picture and look at it in a few hours - you will definitely find that it is necessary to modify and correct. Watercolor can be corrected at any time. After some time to rest my eyes from your still lifeand will see things differently.
Don't apply too many layers of paint watercolor will lose its airiness!