Abstract carefully at the anatomy carefully zarisovyval diagram of a portion of the body in classroom and practical training. If at the beginning of the semester you are unable to sign up for individual classes at "dissecting", sign up for another time, but do not put them in the session.
If you just want to pass anatomy, find out what textbooks I studied a teacher you have this course. If you want to really understand the anatomy, use all possible textbooks and atlases.
If you study human anatomy, go to the website hosting anatomical Atlas, edited by R. D. and J. R. Sinelnikova. It can be read online or downloaded at the appropriate link. To read or download this Atlas is possible on site where you can find other books and manuals on anatomy.
You can help the English site This site presents 3D models of all human body parts. However, in order to take advantage of all the opportunities to explore anatomy using the materials posted on this page, you should be a good idea to understand English medical terminology.
In order to facilitate the memorization of Latin names, select a suitable textbook of the Latin language, visit the website Take him to the library or buy in the store.
If you are studying in the agricultural University, then going to the website you will be able to enroll in individual or group conference, a virtual tour of the anatomical Museum. The Museum presents a portable 3D exhibits of different Pets (including cats and dogs), "working" with that, you'll have a much easier to remember the purpose of certain body parts and their names in Russian and Latin.